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Fundraising for Jiajia's Medical Bills

Jiajia's self-introduction for ICARE's Online English Course

Jiajia is having her English Course with Martin


Jiajia is a wonderful student who has been following the online English course organised by us from August 2020 to December 2020. She was planning to continue the 3rd edition of the course which was planned to start in February 2021. Unfortunately, she became unconscious at school on the 11th January 2021 and was immediately sent to the hospital. There she was diagnosed with many different diseases, such as kidney failure, heart failure, hydrocephalus etc...).      


Fortunately, she received a new kidney in August 2021 and her condition keeps improving. However, the surgery was about 50 000 euros and the insurance will only cover 65% of the cost and the rest will need to be paid by the family. 


This is an unbearable burden for Jiajia's parents since her parents are working in a remote city as migrant workers and they have a very low income (about 900 Euro per month in total). Additionally, Jiajia’s parents need to support her grandparents, sister, and brother. I have visited Jiajia's grandparents while she was in the hospital, so I saw how poor her home is. You can find more information about her by clicking the button below:

Jiajia is in Still in the Hospital


Below is the bank info for our organisation if you would like support her. Any amount of donation is appreciated and will be a big help for Jiajia and her family.

IBAN: BE58 0689 3881 0079

Name: Icare guizhou VZW


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